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Here’s what some of our Miami, FL customers are saying about us:

  • Les pulled through and repaired my dad's old Ford Explorer transmission for a great price. 2 years later and its still running great. For me I have a 2010 Audi, I reached out to Les at Action. The price was very good compared to the other estimates. He promised the work done in a reasonable time. So now it's been 3 months since the work was done and the car is running smoother than ever. No issued and no complaints. I recommend this shop for their good service. So far 2 repairs and no problems.

    Calvin H. Yelp Review

    One word to sum it all 'EXECELLENT' Lex and the guys offered excellent and fast customer service and performance they immediately schedule a tow arriving only 30 minutes after I made the call my transmission needed to be rebuilt and it did not take days or weeks ... Immediately they got to work on it and was ready by the next day to my surprise ready to go on a date ... They where very flexible.. Even offering a $100 discount ... And taking care of small lil problems with the battery and hoes drainage for me at no charge they are now my go to guys to keep my sweet Mustang up and running like a stallion ..... would recommend them to any body who needs trust worthy people who enjoy truly enjoy what they do and help others

    Romeo A. Yelp Review

    Les at A Action Better Built Transmission offers quick diagnosis and professional repairs that can get you back on the road in the same day. They also offer affordable service - You can't beat that, especially if you're visiting Miami when your transmission goes out! Thanks Les!

    Christina H. Yelp Review

    Great service! Job was done fast and my car has never drove better. If in the north miami area this is the place to go for all transmissions need.

    Zeke Cuevas GooglePlus Review

    A Action overall did a good job on my truck. I'm from Palm Beach and I broke down in Miami. I called AAction and they towed my vehicle with no charge. They fixed my transmission within the end of the next day at the price I was originally quoted. Rare for a transmission shop! Anyway, the only issue was the next morning I needed to bring it back in but was only a minor adjustment. Glad I spent the night before returning to Palm Beach. Like I said at the beginning, overall I was treated professionally and my truck now runs great.

    Gavin G. Yelp Review
  • The service at Aaction Transmission was excellent. Right away after driving my Rodeo for an inspection, I received an estimate on how much it would cost to repair the transmission. I was also taken in the back to show how the process is done. I was given the time it would take to repair. After repairing the transmission, they took another road test after 3 weeks. I feel good about the 1 year warranty and the expertise that Aaction displayed. Great Service and you know it will be repaired right the first time.

    lawmcleod Yellowpages Review

    Action transmission , oh boy - what can i say ? It was around that holiday time in April, and some how with florida weather, so do some times get a bit of rain and around my area we had some heavy rain and MAYBE i drove in some deep water ... and my transmission started to act up and not shift in time. everyday christmas got closer and closer and that started to worry me because i had made my preparation & bought all my presents for the family and if my Audi A8 breaks down - I'm basically screwed ! yet it did happen - 23rd of december my car didn't even want to move while in gear. i found action and they came to house in coconut grove, Florida and picked up my car with in 30 minutes. an hour and half later i had an estimate, and the shop needed a green light from me to start - to my surprise they even worked on major holidays, that was great ..... i was very honest with the owner LES and told him that I'm gonna have to wait until the end of the holidays to have the full amount - he called me back and asked me, how much i had on me - i said half the amount. he called me back with in 5 minutes and told me that i could repay him later after the holidays are over and wished me a great easter !!! i could not believe myself !! i gave me half and got my car the next day, for my luck he already had the parts on site and saved us both a lot of time & money ! thank god for action transmission i had my car back running A+ right in the nick of time for the holidays, I would recommend action transmission to anybody on earth !!!!

    Adam S. Yelp Review

    was on my to school early in the morning and my honda just stopped at the red light. I was in gear but the car didn't want to move. my boyfriend did his car at action transmission a few years back and gave me there number. they came and fixed my car, and it only took them till the next day ! as a college girl, you know how our budget is and action got me back on the road and within my budget! the owner les, great man, and understanding father himself. Of anybody needs work on there car in school , I'm pointing towards action transmission !!!!

    Debbie C. Yelp Review

    action transmission ....... what can i say ? I was on the way to the key's. i have my small family with me and i had the boat also .... about 30 minutes into driving from the turnpike, i could fell some thing wrong with my truck, and a bad smell also started to come in the car ..... a few more miles and the truck had no power. P-R-N-D-1-2-3. NOTHING !!! my truck had blown its transmission. i called action transmission and they said they will get a tow truck out that minute. 30 minutes later my truck was on the flat bed and the boat was being taken care of by my other friend. when i got there , they really took care of me and my family. the price was great and two days later i had my truck back running better than before !!! great guys - very helpful owner - great price !!! I would recommend action to anybody !

    Tony M. Yelp Review
  • Awesome !!! When the car stopped .... I was panicking .... Gave ACTION a call they picked me up with there towing service. within 30 minutes the tow truck was at my location and my car was on the flatbed.I was in and out and my car had life again !! I thought my car had a bigger job or required more time , but thanks to the honest employees & hospitality of the owner they made life much better !!! I wouldn't go elsewhere to fix my transmission again - EVER !!

    Adams A. Yelp Review

    As a woman it's hard to find a place that does ANY mechanic work, without getting taken advantage of. Recently I had a great experience with Aaction Transmissions because they didn't try to push me into any other checklist of items that other places have tried to do to me. Instead they were able to pre-diagnose the problem based on my description and they were RIGHT about what the problem was! Honestly, this was pretty amazing as I know nothing about cars and could only give broad 'delayed start with a vroom vroom sound' and 'little engine that could feel to engaging of my clutch' descriptions. Thank you for treating me like I am a valued customer, not just the current dollar!

    Larissa B. Yelp Review

    I highly recommend action transmission. Les was honest and gave me the best price. They towed my vehicle in and had it ready to go the next day as promised. They also did not charge me for the tow. Big shout out to action transmission.

    Glenn S. Yelp Review

    Love these guys, my 2007 Hummer was slipping, gave them a call. They picked up from my house for FREE. Called me that afternoon with an estimate.... luckily it was fairly minor... had my truck back two days later. I was expecting a huge bill, but was surprised that the bill matched the estimate. Highly recommend.

    Lee J. Yellowpages Review

    Thanks to Dan and everyone at aaction. Brought in my 350z which had a worn flywheel .. Called on a Sunday night and was contacted 15 min later by Al who was very cordial . They picked up my car at 8 am and the work was done by the late afternoon. Dan took me for a test drive which I will admit is the first time I ever sat in the passenger seat . The car is running better than ever . Many thanks to all at Aaction on Pines Blvd by North Perry Airport .

    broof Yellowpages Review

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