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A Action Better Built Transmissions Updates

April 25 at 4:02pm

Maybe he taught you to drive or came to your rescue after your first flat tire...do you have any great car stories about your Dad?

April 23 at 7:04pm

The best memories are made outside! Share a picture of your favorite outdoor adventure.

April 23 at 4:00pm

Nah, it's cool -- they're just guidelines.

April 21 at 4:00pm

Where's the worst place you've ever had a flat?

April 20 at 4:01pm

Love cruising with the windows down? Love dogs? This video is for you!

April 16 at 4:00pm

What habit do you wish every driver would learn?

April 14 at 7:05pm

Spring -- the season to try new things, go new places, and enjoy the outdoors.

April 14 at 4:00pm

Take an old engine, 11 months, 3,000 photos of the restoration, and what do you get? This cool stop-motion video:

April 11 at 4:02pm

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen out on the open road?

April 9 at 4:00pm

If you've lost your owner's manual, spending $10-$30 may not be the best option for getting a new one. Download one!

April 7 at 4:00pm

Road trips can be a ton of fun or a total nightmare, depending on who's in the car. Who are your favorite people to travel with?

April 4 at 4:01pm

What's the longest amount of time you've ever owned one car?

April 2 at 4:00pm

Share the road! Keep these tips in mind when driving near cyclists:

March 31 at 4:00pm

From 'The French Connection' to 'Drive', Hollywood has wrecked a lot of cars. What's your favorite movie car chase?

March 30 at 6:06pm

When you need a breath of fresh air, what's your go-to destination?

March 28 at 4:02pm

We've all got one! My favorite travel buddy is ________.

March 26 at 4:00pm

One sound you should never ignore: a squealing noise coming from the engine. It's a sign that your drive belt may need to be replaced.

March 24 at 4:00pm

Was your first car a hot rod, or were you stuck with mom's old station wagon?

March 23 at 4:01pm

Yikes, that's a tight spot to be in! Do you have what it takes to provide the perfect caption?

March 19 at 4:00pm

Car seats can be a black hole -- what long lost items have you found hiding in your car?

March 17 at 4:01pm

Give us your worst! What's the longest amount of time you've ever had to sit in traffic?

March 14 at 4:02pm

Did you know the first stretch limo was called a Big Band Bus? The first one was built in Arkansas around 1928.

March 12 at 8:31pm

Where are your spring break adventures taking you?

March 12 at 4:00pm

When you were a kid, what was the coolest car around that you were dying to drive?

March 10 at 5:01pm

What's your favorite song to listen to in the car with the windows rolled down?

March 7 at 5:02pm

How many cars did you test drive before deciding on your current vehicle?

March 6 at 9:05pm

The sign of a job well done.

March 5 at 5:00pm

Well, that's a start. Don't worry about the rest -- we've got you covered.

March 3 at 5:00pm

What victory song plays in your head when you hit all green lights on the way to work in the morning?

February 28 at 5:02pm

Clean out your trunk! Did you know: The EPA estimates that for every extra 100 pounds your car carries, it loses 2% in fuel economy.

February 26 at 5:00pm

Your secret is safe with us so let's hear it: have you ever bought a car to impress someone?

February 24 at 5:00pm

Fill in the blank: When I see a yellow light, I ________.

February 23 at 5:02pm

There are definitely some great vanity plates out there. Share your favorites that you've seen!

February 21 at 8:09pm

Thumbs up? Best review we could ever ask for.

February 19 at 5:00pm

Opt for a light load on your key ring. Weighed down by ornaments, a heavy key chain can wear out the tumblers in your car's ignition!

February 17 at 5:01pm

According to a study from Ohio State University, adding trees to your morning commute reduces stress. Bring on the scenic route!

February 14 at 5:02pm

Trying to be a little more green when you drive? According to the EPA, abrupt stop-and-go driving harms fuel efficiency by 33%!

February 12 at 6:05pm

Did you know? The average person spends about 2 weeks of their life waiting at traffic lights. If you can take the scenic route, we say do it!

February 10 at 5:00pm

When it comes to your family car, what brands do you trust most?

February 9 at 8:09pm

Fact Friday: We're working hard to bring you the best in transmission repair!

February 7 at 5:02pm

What's the best hidden treasure you've recovered from under your car seat?

February 5 at 5:00pm

Do your wallet a favor! When cranking the speed over 50 mph, keep your windows rolled up to reduce the amount of drag on the car.

February 3 at 5:00pm

It's Back to the Future time: what year would you travel to if you had this car?

January 31 at 5:02pm

In the 1920s, the price of the Model-T was a whopping $260. Oh, how times have changed!

January 29 at 5:00pm

Queen Elizabeth knows how to ride in style! Wouldn't you love to take her Rolls-Royce Phantom for a spin?

January 27 at 5:00pm

What's the best toy for your little one to play with in the car?

January 26 at 5:02pm

Ever notice when your vehicle is difficult to steer? That means it's time to have your power-steering fluid checked!

January 23 at 8:16pm

The first car to use a rear-view mirror was driven by inaugural Indy 500 winner Ray Harroun in 1911 to see the cars catching up behind him.

January 22 at 5:00pm

How big was the city where you learned to drive? Whether it was a country road or a bustling interstate, learning the rules of the road is always a daunting task.

January 20 at 5:00pm

In the 1970s, about 1 in 4 workers carpooled with coworkers, and many companies set up ride sharing for them. How often do you carpool to work?