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A Action Better Built Transmissions Updates

May 27 at 4:05pm

We all have our favorite co-pilots! Tag the person who always rides shotgun when you're behind the wheel:

May 26 at 9:17pm

Cruise into the three-day-weekend. Hope it's a great one!

May 24 at 4:05pm

When the going gets tough, the tough call an expert.

May 22 at 4:05pm

Do your wallet a favor! When cranking the speed over 50 mph, keep your windows rolled up to reduce the amount of drag on the car.

May 20 at 4:05pm

What do you think about cars that automatically park for you? Cool feature or unnecessary?

May 19 at 4:00pm

How many cars did you test drive before deciding on your current vehicle?

May 15 at 4:10pm

Did you know the first stretch limo was called a Big Band Bus? The first one was built in Arkansas around 1928.

May 14 at 3:24pm

Here's to you, Mom!

May 13 at 4:00pm

What victory song plays in your head when you hit all green lights on the way to work in the morning?

May 10 at 4:05pm

Slow in the fast lane? Texting and driving? What do other drivers do that really grinds your gears?

May 8 at 4:10pm

A great Bond car provides futuristic gadgets, great chase scenes, and (of course) a sleek look. Which is your favorite?

May 6 at 4:05pm

My other car is: A. A bike B. Another car C. A pair of sneakers D. The bus

May 3 at 4:00pm

Not sure what that sound coming from beneath your hood is? Let our experts take a look. We've got ears for your gears.

May 1 at 4:05pm

What one car accessory do you recommend to everyone you know?

April 29 at 4:05pm

Sing it loud, sing it proud. What's your #1 song to belt out in the car?

April 29 at 3:11pm

Happy Saturday! Are you relaxing at home or filling your weekend with adventures?

April 26 at 4:05pm

If you had to rate your parallel parking skills on a scale of 1-10, what score would you give yourself? Be honest!

April 24 at 4:10pm

Don't take it personally. Accidents happen, and we're here to help.

April 21 at 4:05pm

We all have one -- what's your biggest driving pet peeve?

April 17 at 4:16pm

If you could upgrade one feature in your car, which would you choose?

April 15 at 4:05pm

Before you head out for a road trip, inspect your car's belts and hoses. If they're worn-out or loose, your engine can overheat!

April 14 at 1:19pm

Fun Fact Friday! The first "road trip" was about 66 miles each way. It took two days round trip.

April 12 at 4:16pm

Always forget to check your oil? Take a look at the dipstick every other time you fill up. The engine will be warm, and you'll remember to give it regular attention!

April 10 at 4:10pm

It's time to fess up! Share your embarrassing automotive moments with us. We all have them!

April 8 at 4:10pm

Quick poll: what's your favorite car racing scene in a movie?

April 5 at 4:11pm

Love cruising with the windows down? Love dogs? This video is for you!

April 3 at 4:10pm

I Spy, 20 Questions, counting state license plates--there are many ways to entertain yourself on a road trip. How does your family make the time fly by?

April 1 at 4:13pm

April Fools Day can be dangerous -- drive safe out there! ;)

April 1 at 4:10pm

Throwback! What was your dream car at age 16?

March 29 at 4:11pm

What's the one skill you wish all the other drivers on the road would master?

March 27 at 4:10pm

Car seats can be a black hole -- what long lost items have you found hiding in your car?

March 25 at 4:16pm

Ace Ventura's not necessarily a model driver. What do you think when you see someone cruising like this?

March 24 at 4:05pm

What's your favorite song to listen to in the car with the windows rolled down?

March 20 at 4:16pm

Whether you have carpet or rubber mats, make sure you give them a good wash with your hose when needed. Built up dirt can grind holes in your mats! Dry in the sun before reinstalling.

March 18 at 4:05pm

A day on the open road is always a good day.

March 17 at 12:14am

Carry on, nothing to see here.

March 15 at 4:16pm

Did you know? Replacing a clogged filter can improve your mileage by as much as 10 percent!

March 13 at 4:10pm

Remember to keep everyone buckled in at all times! Keep your family safe and drive carefully!

March 11 at 5:10pm

How can you recognize a good driver on the road? Trick question! The very best drivers are the ones you never notice.

March 8 at 5:10pm

Did you know: An airbag typically deploys from its steering wheel or dash panel berth at 200 to 300 miles per hour!

March 8 at 12:12am

Where the magic happens.

March 6 at 5:10pm

Eating in your car. Do you allow it?

March 4 at 5:15pm

Did you know? Your car's laminated safety glass reduces transmission of high frequency sound & blocks 97% of ultraviolet radiation.

March 1 at 5:21pm

The #1 driving distraction is: a) Using a Cell Phone b) Eating c) Talking to Passengers d) Adjusting vehicle climate/radio controls

February 27 at 5:10pm

From 'The French Connection' to 'Drive', Hollywood has wrecked a lot of cars. What's your favorite movie car chase?

February 25 at 5:10pm

Bumper stickers: Are you for them or against them?

February 24 at 5:10pm

Remember if you're changing your own headlights, don't touch the glass. Oil from your fingers can cause cracks sooner.

February 23 at 1:10am

A sign of quality repairs ahead.

February 20 at 5:16pm

No eating in the car. No touching the radio. Windows up at all times. What are your rules for when you're in the driver's seat?

February 18 at 5:10pm

What existing or not yet existing features do you think will be standard in most vehicles 10 years from now?